Peanut Butter Addiction


My name is Dusty and I am a peanut butter addict.  I have to admit that I will do anything to get peanut butter, especially if it’s warm, gooey, melted peanut butter like Christine has on her English muffins. Mmmmm! Just thinking about it is making me all drooly.  Unfortunately, this has led to many embarrassing photos of me licking my chops or begging.  I understand there may also be a shameful video floating around out there on the internet as well.

Sleeping under the table, between chair legs, in hopes of dropped peanut butter yumminess.

I even resort to sleeping under the kitchen table in hopes that some of the sticky, salty, golden goodness will drop down close enough for me to snatch it up.  I’ve been thinking that I’m probably not the only dog who faces this dilemma of giving up pride for peanut butter.  But I just can’t live without it!


Taking the Position as Lead Dog


“lead dog. A team or task leader, typically one who has or is granted significant responsibility.” – The Canine in Conversation

My friend Dusty had this crazy idea we should have a blog for the Author Blog Challenge. She said she dictated to her mom who has thumbs and knows how to type. I asked my mom and she said she thought it was a great idea. So here we are. Dusty has to take care of her boys this weekend. Their grandma went to heaven. So I am taking the position as lead dog for a couple days.

Cooper & Fathom

Cooper & Fathom

Being lead dog is a pretty new thing for me. I think I am doing a pretty good job because I have only eaten some paper and peppermint foot lotion while left alone as lead dog. Until a few weeks ago my brother Fathom was the lead dog. He went to the big dog park in the sky.  He taught me a lot of great things and a few that my parents might say aren’t so good…BOL! (BOL – that’s LOL for dogs)

I asked if Andrew and Eugene’s grandma went to the big dog park in the sky and my mom said, “Well, she went to heaven and the dog park is part of heaven.” I don’t know what heaven is but I hear there’s a movie about how all dogs go there and grandmas too. As long as there is a good game of fetch, I will pretty much go anywhere.

While I am still learning, I know I can be the lead dog blogger for a couple days.  It’s a big typewriter to fill because Dusty sure knows her stuff. She is so deep and she asks questions like if all humans go to heaven. I don’t even know what heaven is except Eugene and Andrew’s grandma is there with my brother and they are playing fetch.

Here’s to taking position as lead dog.

Things That Go Buzz

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I was out in the yard yesterday, minding my own business and the bush started to make a buzzing noise. Being a guard dog and all, I figured it was part of my doggy duty to investigate. Besides, it’s nice and shady under that bush.  I didn’t see anything right away so I didn’t see any harm in taking a little nap there in the shade.  It’s a mock orange bush with pretty white flowers that smell so sweet, almost as good as bacon – except you can’t eat them.  Well, maybe my friend Cooper would eat them, but I haven’t tried them yet.  I’m a wee bit too short to reach the flowers.  Anyway, while I was lounging under the bush I heard that buzzing noise again so I started sniffing around the leaves on the far side of the bush.  OUCH!!! All of the sudden there was this awful pain in my poor little nose.  My Aunt Cathy told my mom it was a bumble bee that stung me. He was mad at me for sniffing him out.  Well shoot, if he hadn’t made so much noise, I would’ve left him alone!  My nose still hurts.  So a little warning to all my furry friends out there, things that go buzz – leave them be!  Although Mom felt so sorry for me that she gave me some ham.  Then Eugene snuck me some potato chips.  Andrew slipped me a cheese doodle.  It was almost worth getting stung…but not quite.