Where I Lay My Head

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Where I Lay My Head

My mom and dad take a lot of pictures of me. In most of them I am laying my head on something…a box…a shoe…a pair of shoes…the bottom shelf of anything. Sometimes I like to switch it up and lean on the wall or table leg or chair. I just don’t know why I do this. It’s how I like to relax. It’s hard being a dog and most humans have no idea.

Humans let strangers in the yard and the house. Humans are busy working and not paying attention to the UPS delivery person or the mailman – or in our case lady. It is our job as dogs to be sure the humans know the mail or packages have been delivered. They need to know if someone rides a bike past the house or if their friends are at the door. That’s not all we do as canines.


Where I Lay My Head

We also entertain humans with our tricks of fetch, sit, stay. Sometimes we have to walk our humans and remind them to take us to the doctor. Sometimes we run errands with them and guard the car while they are in the store. I don’t know what they do when go out without us so I worry about my parents a lot.

Being a dog is exhausting which is why I lay my head wherever I can and within a bark of my humans.


You win some. You lose some.


Citifield Summer 2012

Citifield Summer 2012

My mom called me very early this morning to tell me about her trip to NYC. She went to Manhattan to visit her cousins. They had brunch and ended up at the Gay Pride Parade. She said it was an experience. BOL! Then she went to Citifield to the Mets game. She misses the old Shea Stadium but this new place is state of the art. I don’t really know what that means. I do know they play A LOT of fetch at Citifield; could be a great place for me to work.

There are a lot of lessons we learn in life. Mom said she learned about winning and losing last night. While it was great to be with friends and family, a couple of the friends were Yankee fans and the Damn Yankees won the game. When you lose a game it is always good to be gracious. Even though some people were yelling “Yankees Suck” my mom and her family and friends didn’t; they are good sports.

I miss her and Dad said she will be home in less than a week. I better get my act together because she will need me to help her unpack, lay on the dirty clothes, lay on the clean clothes and guard McAuley Freelance Writing. It’s a ruff life so remember that sometimes you lose and sometimes you win and that’s what life is.

Cooper: He’s Hard Not to Love


Since my mom left for Connecticut on Sunday night, I have been thinking a lot about our relationship. I have a lot of time to think about a lot of things. She’s usually home all day with me keeping me on my toes and ordering me around. She also gives me water, lets me outside, plays fetch and schedules in snack time – all before Dad gets home. When I saw suitcases on Sunday I knew something was happening and I didn’t want to miss it.

When the door opened for Dad to bring these big bags to his truck, I ran out in front of him. He then had to remind me in a not so nice tone that I am black and it is dark so no one could see me when I ran into the street. He’s told me this before but I just get so excited I can’t help myself. We were going FOR A RIDE IN THE CAR and who doesn’t get excited about that!!

I am guessing by the grumbling and my mom giving my dad “the look” that I wasn’t on the invitation list. Seems I may have invited myself which I often do.

Here’s a picture of another time I invited myself:

Apparently I am so big and lovable people can’t say no to me…and that’s a great place to be! Bark if you agree!

Cooper on the couch

Cooper on the couch…sort of…

Birthdays – Memorable and One I want to Forget


Cooper Smooch Face

Cooper Smooch Face

I missed blogging on June 12th because I was getting ready for my mom’s birthday on 6/13. I was also tired because The Boy was over playing with me and working with Mom.

Birthdays are funny. On this Mom and I can agree. She had her last birthday in her thirties. I didn’t know anyone who lived that long. They say a dog’s age times seven is human age but I don’t know how to do that many numbers…

On my fourth birthday I had to have some surgery that I am convinced has made me less of a man…ehr…dog. My dad says it makes me less crazy, more calm and now the cat has nothing to bat around when I go visit her. This summer I will be eight which I am told is twice as old as when I was made half a dog on my fourth birthday.

Math is hard. Fetch anyone?

I Should Know This By Now….


Cooper #pondering

Cooper #pondering

When I started this project with my mom she said (among other things), “And when you eat my things like my peppermint foot lotion, our deal for me to take your dictation is OFF, got it?” I got it. Then I forgot it.

Yesterday I ate my mom’s travel pack for her upcoming trip:

  • granola bar
  • part of a ziploc bag
  • gnawed a bottle of pills that help make a helathy gut
  • gnawed on some electrolyte packets

Mom came home and said words I haven’t heard before and that was AFTER dad called and told her I was hopped up on eletrolytes and granola. I learned my lesson…until the next time I forget…

Human Kisses

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Today was a long, sad day for me.  Eugene was in a rush this morning and he said goodbye as he ran out the door but he didn’t give me a hug and kiss like he usually does.  It threw my whole day out of whack.  The sunshine didn’t last long so there was no sunny spot to lay it.  My bed wouldn’t fluff right.  My water tasted old, even though it wasn’t.  Even barking at the cat in the yard wasn’t any fun. That school thing takes FOREVER and even longer than that when you’re missing your human.

He did say he was really sorry and even spent some extra snuggle time with me when he got home.  Andrew gave me a paper towel roll to chew on and that always cheers me up.  Andrew also said that this school thing is almost over and then they’ll be home all summer.  I can’t wait!  All those extra snacks and dropped chips…uh…I mean all that extra snuggle time.  Yeah snuggle time, that’s what I meant.

5 Things Dogs Love


Okay so I know I am a dog. I’ve read that story about dogs loving everything they see “Ooohh my favorite!” It’s partly true. To really understand and appreciate your canine you need to understand these five things we all love:

  1. Our Humans are top notch. Even when you’re a jerk or worse we still love you. Our love is unconditional and you can’t do anything to change that. That’s what unconditional is – without conditions.
  2. Little Humans of our big humans are great too. You just need to give some of us time to get used to not being the only child in the house. My parents don’t have any little humans. We have The Boy who is my dad’s nephew. I have loved him my whole life. He’s 15 years old now and has a girlfriend and sports and goes to a high school so he’s pretty busy. Doesn’t matter cuz I love him unconditionally. He played fetch with me today and wrestled with me on Saturday. Love that guy.
  3. Toys help distract us from all of your stuff that we want to roll around on and eat. We do this because we miss you.
  4. Food especially if it is yours is to be cherished…and eaten. We want to know where you have been and what you’re eating. We want this so much we will sit with our best dog faces and wait for you to see us and share a piece of your food with us.
  5. Furniture is something we cannot help but climb onto when you’re not around…and sometimes right in front of you. I slept on the couch today after The Boy left because I missed him and I was tired and mom was not paying attention to where I was. Love the furniture sneak!

So there you have it…five things dogs love.

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