Since my mom left for Connecticut on Sunday night, I have been thinking a lot about our relationship. I have a lot of time to think about a lot of things. She’s usually home all day with me keeping me on my toes and ordering me around. She also gives me water, lets me outside, plays fetch and schedules in snack time – all before Dad gets home. When I saw suitcases on Sunday I knew something was happening and I didn’t want to miss it.

When the door opened for Dad to bring these big bags to his truck, I ran out in front of him. He then had to remind me in a not so nice tone that I am black and it is dark so no one could see me when I ran into the street. He’s told me this before but I just get so excited I can’t help myself. We were going FOR A RIDE IN THE CAR and who doesn’t get excited about that!!

I am guessing by the grumbling and my mom giving my dad “the look” that I wasn’t on the invitation list. Seems I may have invited myself which I often do.

Here’s a picture of another time I invited myself:

Apparently I am so big and lovable people can’t say no to me…and that’s a great place to be! Bark if you agree!

Cooper on the couch

Cooper on the couch…sort of…