The Fetch Thing


I am a Dandie Dinmont Terrier.

Well I guess it’s time for me to weigh in on the fetch thing.  First of all, I do not agree with Sam the Fat Cat.  Fetch is a wonderful game.  Cooper and Torre, I’m glad you and your humans enjoy it so much.  But it’s simply not my game.  You have to understand something.  I am a terrier.  Specifially, I am a Dandie Dinmont Terrier. No, not a ‘whaaaat?’…a Dandie Dinmont Terrier.  Yes it’s a real breed, a very old breed in fact.  Go ahead Google it.  I dare you.  See, I told you!  Now you have a good reason to watch the next Westminister Dog Show.

As you can see from my regal bearing in the photo above, my body isn’t designed for fetch.  Dandies are hunters.  We are search and destroy machines.  Notice how my front legs are lower that my back legs.  Also notice my strong front shoulders.  Please ignore the crook in my tail.  I beat up on my little brother a lot in those first 8 weeks but he exacted his revenge before I went to live with Christine. Don’t let my size fool you, I’m an alpha female and I know how to throw my 25 pounds around pretty well.  I’m small but I’m powerful.  I’d never make it over a hurdle like Torre does in flyball, but my compact size is perfect for a Dandie’s original job of hunting badgers in the Scottish highlands.

Of course I’ve never seen a badger but I do love stuffed squeaky toys.  I have a toy box full of them. Or rather, what’s left of them.  I pride myself on my ability to destuff and desqueak a toy in five minutes or less.  We Dandies have super strong jaws and I know how to use them.  I keep the skins.  My favorite game is called Dump the Toy Box.  I flip the lid off with my nose and toss my toys in the air one by one.  When I find the one I want, I grab and run for a sneaky spot to shred it a little more.  For some reason my toys disappear when there’s nothing left but strings.  I’ve never figured that out.

I also love to play Nice Doggy.  I stand on my toy and shred it. Then the humans try to psych me out and grab it away.  They usually try petting me and I growl and snarl like I’m going to tear them apart but of course, I would never do such a thing.  They laugh saying, “Nice Doggy…Good Doggy…MY TOY!!” and try to grab it.  Once in awhile I have to let them get it so they don’t get bored.  But I don’t let them keep it for more than a minute.  I just show them a whole lot of teeth.  Let’s just say it’s a smile, shall we?


The Simple Joys


By Torre Henderson, Guest Blogger


Hi there!  I’d like to introduce myself.  I’m Torre Henderson and I’m two and a half.  I live near Boston with my Mom Cindy, and my two big bros Jeter and Mattingly.  Can you tell Mom’s a bit of a Yankees fan?  I was visiting my Aunt Shari this week and Dusty’s humans came over to play.  Dusty asked Christine to see if I’d like to add anything to the blog. How could I turn it down?

First of all, I have to say Cooper’s Mom is a super good sport.  I know baseball. Mom and Aunt Shari watch a lot of it!  I hear it’s not easy being a Mets fan.  I totally get that sportsmanship thing. Me and my brothers live to play flyball.  We go all over the country for competitions and we even were part of group trying to set a Guiness World Record.  How cool is that?  If you’ve never heard of flyball, I’ll give you the short version.  Dogs race down a track, jump of a series of hurdles, grab a ball from a special holder and race it back to the other end.  We have to get three balls, so that’s three trips up the track and three trips back.  We go really fast.  I’m a miniature Australian Shepherd.  Jeter and Mattingly are border collies.  I don’t mean to brag or anything but we have an awful lot of blue ribbons.  Mom is really proud of us.  This weekend, she’s taking us to Canada and Aunt Shari is coming too. Road trip! Gee, I hope Aunt Shari remembers her high school French and can order my some of that Canadian bacon.  Mmmmm….bacon…..oh sorry.  I was daydreaming for a minute there.

I do have to side with Cooper about the fetch thing.  Sorry Sam the Fat Cat, but I could play fetch all day long.  I fetch tennis balls, squeaky toys, frisbees, and my favorite canvas flying squirrel with the little rubbery paws.  Fetch is one of the simple joys of life.  It’s right up there with a doggy ice cream cup on a hot day or a great day of flyball with my teammates.  There’s just something special about trying to psych out a human, trying to figure out where they’re going to throw the thing next and be there when it comes down.  I love the feel of a flying catch!  Woohoo!!  It’s a little jump for joy.

It was so nice of Dusty to send her boys over here to play fetch with me.  I have to say though, humans get worn out mighty quick.  I heard the boys say Dusty doesn’t play fetch.  So Dusty, what’s up with that?

When Humans Travel

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I heard Christine say the Cooper’s Mom is going to come East to visit his Grandpa.  I also heard about his big time out for eating Mom’s snacks.  So I just have to say, “Cooper.  Dude.  I feel your pain, Dog.”

Christine and the boys left me behind a couple of months ago.  I tried everything I could to get them to stay.  I looked extra cute.  I was on my bestest behavior. I even tried to get them to pack me in the suitcase.

Hey, no BOL, it worked for that little stuffed dog of Eugene’s.  But nothing I did worked.  They left me. Not only that, but when they came back, they smelled like ANOTHER DOG.  I know it was only my cousin Dante, but still…they left me and played with some other dog!  Can you believe it?!Now I do have to give a bark out to Grandma because she made me a cheeseburger while they were gone.  And she kept my water dish full the whole time.  There may have been some bacon involved too.  So Cooper, don’t sweat it.  I know your Dad is going to take extra special care of you while your Mom is here.  Maybe he’ll even sneak you one of Mom’s chapsticks so you don’t miss her so much.

Birthdays – Memorable and One I want to Forget


Cooper Smooch Face

Cooper Smooch Face

I missed blogging on June 12th because I was getting ready for my mom’s birthday on 6/13. I was also tired because The Boy was over playing with me and working with Mom.

Birthdays are funny. On this Mom and I can agree. She had her last birthday in her thirties. I didn’t know anyone who lived that long. They say a dog’s age times seven is human age but I don’t know how to do that many numbers…

On my fourth birthday I had to have some surgery that I am convinced has made me less of a man…ehr…dog. My dad says it makes me less crazy, more calm and now the cat has nothing to bat around when I go visit her. This summer I will be eight which I am told is twice as old as when I was made half a dog on my fourth birthday.

Math is hard. Fetch anyone?

Taking the Position as Lead Dog


“lead dog. A team or task leader, typically one who has or is granted significant responsibility.” – The Canine in Conversation

My friend Dusty had this crazy idea we should have a blog for the Author Blog Challenge. She said she dictated to her mom who has thumbs and knows how to type. I asked my mom and she said she thought it was a great idea. So here we are. Dusty has to take care of her boys this weekend. Their grandma went to heaven. So I am taking the position as lead dog for a couple days.

Cooper & Fathom

Cooper & Fathom

Being lead dog is a pretty new thing for me. I think I am doing a pretty good job because I have only eaten some paper and peppermint foot lotion while left alone as lead dog. Until a few weeks ago my brother Fathom was the lead dog. He went to the big dog park in the sky.  He taught me a lot of great things and a few that my parents might say aren’t so good…BOL! (BOL – that’s LOL for dogs)

I asked if Andrew and Eugene’s grandma went to the big dog park in the sky and my mom said, “Well, she went to heaven and the dog park is part of heaven.” I don’t know what heaven is but I hear there’s a movie about how all dogs go there and grandmas too. As long as there is a good game of fetch, I will pretty much go anywhere.

While I am still learning, I know I can be the lead dog blogger for a couple days.  It’s a big typewriter to fill because Dusty sure knows her stuff. She is so deep and she asks questions like if all humans go to heaven. I don’t even know what heaven is except Eugene and Andrew’s grandma is there with my brother and they are playing fetch.

Here’s to taking position as lead dog.