5 Things Dogs Love


Okay so I know I am a dog. I’ve read that story about dogs loving everything they see “Ooohh my favorite!” It’s partly true. To really understand and appreciate your canine you need to understand these five things we all love:

  1. Our Humans are top notch. Even when you’re a jerk or worse we still love you. Our love is unconditional and you can’t do anything to change that. That’s what unconditional is – without conditions.
  2. Little Humans of our big humans are great too. You just need to give some of us time to get used to not being the only child in the house. My parents don’t have any little humans. We have The Boy who is my dad’s nephew. I have loved him my whole life. He’s 15 years old now and has a girlfriend and sports and goes to a high school so he’s pretty busy. Doesn’t matter cuz I love him unconditionally. He played fetch with me today and wrestled with me on Saturday. Love that guy.
  3. Toys help distract us from all of your stuff that we want to roll around on and eat. We do this because we miss you.
  4. Food especially if it is yours is to be cherished…and eaten. We want to know where you have been and what you’re eating. We want this so much we will sit with our best dog faces and wait for you to see us and share a piece of your food with us.
  5. Furniture is something we cannot help but climb onto when you’re not around…and sometimes right in front of you. I slept on the couch today after The Boy left because I missed him and I was tired and mom was not paying attention to where I was. Love the furniture sneak!

So there you have it…five things dogs love.


Taking the Position as Lead Dog


“lead dog. A team or task leader, typically one who has or is granted significant responsibility.” – The Canine in Conversation

My friend Dusty had this crazy idea we should have a blog for the Author Blog Challenge. She said she dictated to her mom who has thumbs and knows how to type. I asked my mom and she said she thought it was a great idea. So here we are. Dusty has to take care of her boys this weekend. Their grandma went to heaven. So I am taking the position as lead dog for a couple days.

Cooper & Fathom

Cooper & Fathom

Being lead dog is a pretty new thing for me. I think I am doing a pretty good job because I have only eaten some paper and peppermint foot lotion while left alone as lead dog. Until a few weeks ago my brother Fathom was the lead dog. He went to the big dog park in the sky.  He taught me a lot of great things and a few that my parents might say aren’t so good…BOL! (BOL – that’s LOL for dogs)

I asked if Andrew and Eugene’s grandma went to the big dog park in the sky and my mom said, “Well, she went to heaven and the dog park is part of heaven.” I don’t know what heaven is but I hear there’s a movie about how all dogs go there and grandmas too. As long as there is a good game of fetch, I will pretty much go anywhere.

While I am still learning, I know I can be the lead dog blogger for a couple days.  It’s a big typewriter to fill because Dusty sure knows her stuff. She is so deep and she asks questions like if all humans go to heaven. I don’t even know what heaven is except Eugene and Andrew’s grandma is there with my brother and they are playing fetch.

Here’s to taking position as lead dog.

Sometimes my parents talk to me…


Since I am the lead dog at home now I have a lot of responsibilities. I have to guard the house, guard my mom, eat, sleep, drink water, play fetch and wait for Dad to get home. Then the real work starts because he has me helping him with projects all over the house.

Cooper on his hammock

Cooper on his hammock

“Okay now I’ve got my coffee so let’s go to work,” Mom tells me every morning as she walks to her office. It’s just down the hall. While it may look like I am sleeping the day away I am really guarding the house. I’ll be honest. As I have gotten older it is more sleep and less guarding but she doesn’t need to know that.

“Cooper, let’s play fetch and you get busy,” she tells me when we take a break from work. Get busy is well…doing my business in the yard. Mom throws the franken-ball* and I bring it back. She throws the ball and I bring it back. She throws the ball and I bring it back. I am a Labrador Retriever with a fetch obsession so I can make this go on for hours at a time.

“Cooper, it’s too hot to play outside so just a couple throws.” That’s what she says in the afternoon when we go out to play. I love fetch and would play until I collapsed so she has to tell me this so I remember not to play to much in the heat.

“Get out of the kitchen and take your toys with you.” My mom and dad say it to me at least once a day. I just want to be near them and help them in the kitchen. There’s always food around and if it falls I need to be there to clean it up.

Cooper & Frankenball

Cooper & Frankenball

“Let’s go work in the garage. You can lay on your hammock.” That’s my job when I am in the garage with my dad. I lay on the hammock and don’t eat things off the floor of the garage. I do A LOT of sniffing because everything smells so GOOOD in the garage. Sometimes the noises of the compressor or tools are loud but it’s okay. I can snore…ehr…sleep through anything…just like mom. BOL!**

*franken-ball: a word my dad made up to describe the green spikey ball with an orange paracord. I like to carry it around by the string and mom calls it my purse. BOL!**

**BOL is Barking Out Loud – like LOL but for dogs

What I Do When You Leave Me Alone


Cooper Allen HatrackBy Cooper Allen Sprankle


Sometimes when you leave me alone

All I do is eat my bone

Other times I bark

And wish you would take me to the park

I never wrote poetry

Until you left me no way to pee

Now I sit alone

Wishing I could find a bone

Alone I am

With a sandwich of ham

Sometimes I like to eat

The basket near the toilet seat

When you leave me alone

Attitude of Gratitude


Cooper Allen SprankleI know it may not seem like it to my parents sometimes but I really am grateful for my life. Maybe my mom dedicates Joan Jett’s “I hate myself for loving you” to me every time she hears it; I know deep down she loves me. She brushed me today that’s how I know.

Here are things for which I am grateful:

  1. Never spent a day at dog jail (aka the pound)
  2. Two meals a day plus snacks for good behavior or sloppy chefs in the kitchen or because I am under foot to grab scraps.
  3. The yard..and I agree with Dusty there are some things that go buzz so much I can’t help myself…I’ve been stung a few times too.
  4. Water and lots of it. I can drink a whole bowl at a time; I am an Arizona dog born and raised so while I am not the sharpest tack in the toolbox I sure know a thing or two about water.
  5. Having had a brother like Fathom. He was one of the sweetest and funnest guys I have ever met. I will start to cry if I write anymore than he went to the dog park in the sky three weeks ago and I miss the heck outta him. So do mom and dad.
  6. The warm spot my dad leaves for me on the bed every morning when he gets up to get ready for work
  7. Shoes…they are nice for my head or my butt or whatever
  8. Elk antlers because they’re just a good snack
  9. Natural skincare products because my parents are good to taste and because sometimes I eat a little bit of product right from the jar.
  10. Time zones: Because of time zones and Arizona not having daylight savings I am slipping this post into the Blog Challenge for Day #3.

Here’s to being grateful!

20 Things I Have Eaten


by Cooper Allen Sprankle

Some say dogs shouldn’t eat these eight things and lot more. I am here today to tell you that if you want a canine who is a picky eater then reconsider getting a labrador retriever. Trust me. Not only have I eaten at least six of the eight things on that list I have also eaten:

  1. Chinaberries
  2. Bottlecaps (not the candy)
  3. Bees
  4. African VioletsCooper
  5. Wood
  6. Peppermint foot lotion (x2 I just can’t help myself!)
  7. Chapstick (more than I can count…Chapstick brand, Melaleuca brand, homemade, Burt’s Bees…)
  8. Tambourine
  9. String
  10. Papertowels & tissues
  11. Chicken bones
  12. Jar of Pickles (I won’t tell Dad how I opened it to this day.)
  13. 6-pack of Sprite
  14. Crayons & colored pencils
  15. Belt
  16. Nana’s shoes
  17. Wallet plus $40
  18. Curry Rub
  19. Television remote controls (x2) – I crave change!
  20. Dry Soup Mix (x2) The second one I snuck out of the pantry. Almost didn’t live to see dinner that day. Mom was not happy.

And once I tried to eat a bullet but Dad stopped me.

Those are just the things my parents know I ate…imagine if they knew the truth.

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