There comes a time in a guy’s life when he needs his own space. That time for me is now. Having just celebrated my eighth birthday I pointed out to my parents that I am 56 years old in people years. This makes me the oldest person in the house. I also have a lot of pondering to do now that I am the Lead Dog and a Blogger.

Perhaps I could use Mom’s office. She has two desks so I could work from one but the office is the farthest point from the front or back doors. Since it is my job to protect all the doors it is hard to work from her office. Oh and she’s in there for most of the day doing her own blogging and yakking on the phone. It’s not exactly private space for me.

Having considered Dad’s office as my own since he’s out most of the day, I realize I sleep most of the day. This makes his office a little crowded when he gets home. Oh sure it’s great when we have things to talk about or when he needs me to lay on his shoes. I know where to find him when I have to tell him to fix his watch because it’s time to eat again already but it’s not a great office for me to do my work.

Dad’s office is dark and while I like to do a fair amount of pondering in that office, he’s on the computer a lot. He tells me he doesn’t want to take my dictation and that I need to grow opposable thumbs or hire someone to help me. Sheesh!

Here I sit a poor, office-less, opposable-thumb-less dog who blogs.