My name is Dusty and I am a peanut butter addict.  I have to admit that I will do anything to get peanut butter, especially if it’s warm, gooey, melted peanut butter like Christine has on her English muffins. Mmmmm! Just thinking about it is making me all drooly.  Unfortunately, this has led to many embarrassing photos of me licking my chops or begging.  I understand there may also be a shameful video floating around out there on the internet as well.

Sleeping under the table, between chair legs, in hopes of dropped peanut butter yumminess.

I even resort to sleeping under the kitchen table in hopes that some of the sticky, salty, golden goodness will drop down close enough for me to snatch it up.  I’ve been thinking that I’m probably not the only dog who faces this dilemma of giving up pride for peanut butter.  But I just can’t live without it!